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Deluxe Dairy Paradise - Mega Shavuos Gift

Celebrate Shavuos with unforgettable delights!

Dairy-Cholov Yisroel

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Celebrate Shavuot with Unforgettable Delights!

    At The Nuttery, we invite you to experience the ultimate indulgence this Shavuot with our exclusive Deluxe Dairy Paradise Mega Gift. Crafted to embody the spirit of the holiday, this extraordinary gift is a symphony of flavors, textures and heartfelt joy.

    Indulge in a bounty of delights including sumptuous desserts, velvety cheesecakes and heavenly pastries

    • Artisanal Cheesecake- 8″ Classic Cheesecake with chocolate chip cookie crust, topped with caramel, macadamia nuts and assorted dairy chocolates.
    • Dairy mousse cups- 8 individual dairy mousse cups topped with dairy creme frosting and assorted garnishes.
    • Mini Cheese logs- a fusion of creamy cheese and chocolate packed into these 5 bite-sized bursts of savory delight.
    • Dairy Chocolate Pops- velvety richness of premium milk chocolate crafted into irresistible pops that melt in your mouth, beautifully designed with baby breaths. 
    • Dried flower arrangement-Enhance your Shavuos table with our hand crafted bouquet of dried flowers in this ceramic vase.

    Dimensions: 16 x 17 x 13


    Kosher Certification