Hostess Gifts

Hostess Gifts

Hosting a Simcha or party, and looking for that perfect hostess gift, or favor for the guest? These personalized hostess gifts are the end to your search. Easily customizable, our staff is ready to help you put together the hostess packages of your dreams, with no effort. With upscale water beverages, fresh roasted nuts, gourmet chocolates, name or initial bands, and more, each gift is hand tied with a bow and will be the perfect addition to your perfect party. Whether hosting for Shabbos, and Upsherin, Bar Mitzvah, Sheva Brachos, family reunion, Chanukah party or any other occasion, speak to our customer service representatives to find the hostess gift that is right for you. Mazal Tov!

Hostess Gifts

How to Host a Great Party 

Have you ever walked into a party, and it seemed like a professional showed up, cleaned the house, prepared all the food, and everything was perfectly orchestrated? Some people make it look like a piece of cake to host a party and have a creative eye that has every single item flawlessly placed. 

After much trial and error, we discovered that there is definitely an art form to throwing a great party. It didn’t become effortless without some flubs. Here are some amazing tips we have compiled to help you throw a great party. 

1. Host with some ground rules - Offer rules that will assist your guests in interacting in a comfortable way, whether it is suggesting a rule where only someone you don’t know has to pour your beverage or ensuring there aren’t multiple conversations happening at once. You set the tone of the house and greatly assist your guests in getting to know one another. You can also set a definite closing time for your event or do things like enforcing a “No Shoes in the House Policy.”

2. Good lighting and a house that smells wonderful always set a great mood for your gathering. 

3. Enlist help- If you need a house cleaner after the party or just some great friends who stay to help clean up, don’t be afraid to ask. If you aren’t confident in your cooking skills, save the time and stress and have your gathering catered. 

Hostess Gifts

If you’d like to further honor your guests by giving them a small gift, look no further. The Nuttery NY has all the options you could ever need, plus more. 

1. Hostess Tray - This thoughtful gift comes in an elegant rustic wooden tray that can be reused over and over again! It includes a water bottle, an assortment of candy and nuts. 

2. Host It Tray - Your guests will love this adorable tray featuring a boxed water bottle, candles, chocolates, and nuts displayed in individual party cups.

3. Supreme Hostess Tray - This tray comes wrapped in our signature bow and ready for gift giving. The tray includes water, tissues, candles, chocolates, and nuts displayed in clear boxes.


Hosting a party is an art form. When hosting a party, you are expected to be a gourmet chef, an ice breaker, a house cleaner, a dishwasher, and so much more, all for the sake of a great time had by your guests! To take your hosting to the next level, try some of these small gifts to show your appreciation for your guests. 


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