Viennese Crunch - White

Viennese Crunch - White

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White Viennese Crunch gives you the mouth-watering mixture of chocolate blended with the goodness of caramel, nuts and chocolate at its best. With a crispy exterior paired with the decadent inside, this fine chocolate bursts with ecstasy and excitement.
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    White Viennese Crunch treats you to a mouth-watering combination of chocolate alongside the goodness of caramel and nuts. A crispy exterior of cashew and nut brittle covers the chocolate coating. A bite into one reveals a nutty delightful inside. It's impossible to eat just one, so stock yourself with enough of this crunchy delight to keep all your family members happy. White Viennese crunch is available in bulk for your personal sweet tooth, or for enhance the wedding or party that you are planning. Certified Kosher


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