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These are the most popular Turkish pistachios, grown in the Antep region of Turkey.
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    These are the most popular Turkish pistachios. Grown in the Antep Region of Turkey, Antep pistachios are smaller in size and less open. Rich in vitamins & minerals, they are good for brain function, stomach and kidney function. Refresh your body. These in-shell Turkish pistachios are fully addictive! As all of our nuts, these pistachio nuts are certified Kosher.
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    A great gift
    Review by Lindaon 1/8/2020
    My son hunted these down for me when I asked for some pistachios with real flavor. These fill the bill. They're tastier than the California pistachios, and a real treat for Christmas (anytime, really)!
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    good value, great quality
    Review by Cynthiaon 3/1/2016
    I adore Turkish pistachios and have eaten them for decades. they've gotten so expensive that I decided to look into a new source, given the rising price of pistachios and nuts.com high shipping costs, I looked on Amazon, but the negative reviews even for the higher-rated suppliers turned me off, so,I stumbled across the nuttery doing a google search and took a leap of faith and ordered blind from this site, mostly because of the free shipping.

    These pistachios are great. Seriously. Good size, very tasty, few uncracked nuts. I highly recommend the nuttery's pistachios and will be ordering them again.