Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

Wish them well on their wedding with these gourmet gift ideas! Filled with gourmet chocolates, nuts roasted in house, delectable sweets, chocolate bark, chocolate covered pretzels, truffles and much more, our completely Kosher line of gifts is perfect to wish the Bride and Groom congratulations! Our 2-tiered gift towers and chocolate logs are super-impressive, and are show stoppers at a Simcha, Aufruf, & Sheva Brachos. Feel free to add your unique Mazel Tov wishes on a gift card at checkout. Additionally, we can deliver directly to your recipient, so you don't have to schlep out.

Wedding Gifts

Upon receiving an invitation to a wedding, the race is on to discover a great gift for the happy couple to be. When thinking of an appropriate wedding gift, you want to be sure to, first and foremost, offer a heartfelt, positive and hopeful message to the couple. There are several reasons why choosing a gourmet gift basket would be a thoughtful wedding gift

  • A gift basket can be something for the couple to enjoy as they work through the stress of planning a wedding. 

  • You can arrange for the gourmet basket to arrive for the couple to enjoy right after their honeymoon. The time leading up to the wedding can be overwhelming, and many brides and grooms report that they don’t get to fully enjoy the food at their ceremony. This is a wonderful way they can enjoy some delicious treats in the comfort of their own home. 

  • These days, weddings can take place all over the world and quite possibly at a time you may not be able to attend. If you happen to be unable to join the celebration in person, a gift basket can be the perfect way to show them how much you wish you could be there! 

The Best Wedding Gift Baskets

Here is a list of gift baskets that are as extraordinary as the couple to receive them. 

1. Tower Deluxe - This two-tier tower consists of two gorgeous rustic trays with a pillar dividing the tiers. Beautifully arranged, the bottom tray contains a variety of popular nuts, Viennese crunch, and Viennese bites, as well as our famous chocolate bark along with rich chocolate praline and peanut butter pops. The upper tray holds a chocolate praline log filled with rich, creamy thick chocolate, ganache cookies, chocolate praline and peanut butter pops, and a sweet selection of nuts.

2. Nuttery Signature Tray - Gourmet Specialty Chocolate and Nuts- Large Size Mega Tray - This 19x16 mega tray is a beautiful presentation of gourmet specialty chocolates, two flavors of bark, chocolate covered pretzels, ganache cookies, coconut bars, Viennese bites, two-tone chocolate roll, and five types of nuts including cashews, salted macadamia nuts, sesame almonds, and assorted glazed nuts.

3. Gourmet Chocolate and Nuts Gift Tray With Individual Party Cups - This 12x14 tray comes in an elegant rustic wood tray and includes individual party cups for your  snacking delight. Included, you will find an assortment of Pareve chocolates along with peanut smoothies, cashew patties, geshmak, sweet pecans, salted macadamia, sweet cashews.


Weddings are a wonderful time filled with tradition, love, and amazing memories. Gift-giving should be a cherished surprise and a sincere gesture from the heart toward the bride and groom-to-be. There are many gestures you can make in order for your favorite couple to feel the love and warmth of your congratulations. Sending a gift basket can be a thoughtful way to kick their marriage off to a sweet start!


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