Thank You Gifts

Thank You Gifts

Express your sentiments of appreciation with a Thank You Gift for that special someone. Need to thank a colleague? Appreciate your child's teacher or therapist? Need a gift that will say Thank You for you? All of our appreciation gifts are Certified Kosher, and can be shipped directly to the recipient of your choice. Just customize a gift card with your "Thank You" message, and leave the rest to us. With a choice of chocolate, nuts, dried fruits, tins, basket, trays and more, you are sure to find the perfect Thank You gift today

Thank You Gifts

The basis of building healthy, positive, and overall great relationships stems from having an attitude of gratitude. Showing gratitude allows for people to feel more connected to one another and can help remind us of all the good things in life. By expressing appreciation, you indicate to others that you value them. Saying “thank you” can promote positivity in the workplace, remind your significant other how much you appreciate them, or let a friend know that you value their friendship. 

The Best Thank You Gifts

Here are several ideas of how you can make someone's day with a simple gesture of kindness and appreciation.

  • Signature Chocolate Truffle Box, 36 pieces - An elegant box of 36 mouth-watering pieces of velvety chocolate is a great way to make someone’s day. This 11x11 box comes wrapped in our classic vintage ribbon. 

  • Classic Four Section Specialty Chocolate Gift Tray - This gorgeous 11x11 natural wood tray features some of our famous chocolate selections. Included, you will find Viennese crunch, coconut bark, Viennese bites, crispies, caramel chewy nut bars, moccachino, two-tone roll, caramel brittle, coconut bars, kava crunch, hazelicious, chocolate covered pretzels, and nut crunch bark. All of our chocolates are Pareve.

  • Sweet Nuts Gourmet Gift Tower - This clear acrylic gift tower comes wrapped in our classic signature bow and includes three compartments filled with sweet nuts as the perfect gift to enjoy. 

  • Nuttery Signature Chocolate Gift Tin-Large - This premium seven-section tin is heavenly for your favorite chocolate lovers. Filled with an assortment of Pareve dark chocolates, candy, and nuts, this large tin has plenty to share with friends and family. 

  • Chocolate Bark-Nut Crunch Tall - This crystal clear acrylic tower comes with our signature ribbon and is filled with the perfect combination of nuts and chocolate in the form of our chocolate nut crunch bark. 

  • Chocolate Bark Peppermint - Medium - This delicate box packs quite a powerful punch of flavor. This clear box comes wrapped in our classic ribbon and contains a delicious combination of chocolate and peppermint in the form of our chocolate peppermint bark. 


There are many ways to practice gratitude and giving thanks. You can keep a journal for the things you are grateful for, select a time weekly to mentally visualize great things that have happened during the week, and meditating can help you be mindful of the things you are grateful for as well. 

Sending a personalized thank you gift tops our list when we think of showing appreciation. It can feel amazing to share our experiences with others and to know that our time, effort, and unique contributions to the world are appreciated. We are proud to offer you a variety of selections to let the people that matter know 
you appreciate them


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