Sympathy & Shiva Gifts

Sympathy & Shiva Gifts

At times of loss, a sympathy gift is often sent to express one's condolence wishes. Express your empathy with a heartfelt sympathy gift that will come along with your personalized sympathy gift card. A Shiva gift (Kosher) is so much appreciated during the first week after suffering a loss. Whether you choose a gift basket or gift tray, the gourmet nuts, chocolates and sweets will be well received. All of our gifts, whether Shiva, sympathy or otherwise, are all certified Kosher. Gifting a unique Kosher gift ensures that everyone can partake in your thoughtful gesture of condolence.

Sympathy and Shiva Gifts

Showing compassion and sympathy during the challenging parts of life is an important way to let the people you care about know they are loved and supported. Grief is a unique experience for each person. We all handle loss in different ways, but kindness and thoughtful gestures can help lift others up and help them toward the path of healing. 

Whether you can physically be present or not, offering a gift of condolence is a great way to show you care. The Nuttery NY offers several selections for sending a meaningful gift for all to partake in. 

Shiva Gifts

Shiva is a seven-day period of mourning in the Jewish religion. It begins when those that are in mourning come home from the funeral. During this period of mourning, it is customary for family and friends to visit with those in mourning and provide food. Traditionally, it is appropriate to offer nuts, dried fruits, and chocolates, as well as baked goods and fresh fruits. 

We offer a variety of Kosher-certified and shiva-appropriate offerings. Here are some of their beautifully arranged selections. 


There are many ways to cope with grief. It is important to acknowledge that it is a unique process for each person, and offering compassion, love, and support can go a long way in starting the healing process for those in mourning. Part of offering support and showing sympathy is often a gift of condolence. There are many meaningful traditions that view food offerings as a meaningful way to provide sustenance and comfort. 

It can be challenging to know the right gift for your friends and family during this delicate time, but thankfully, The Nuttery NY has created a Kosher-certified and Pareve-friendly list of condolence gifts that all can partake in. 


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