Graduation Gifts

Graduation Gifts

Hats of to the Grad! Are you proud of that special someone who graduated? Need a special something to bring along to the graduation? These Congrats Grad gift baskets are the perfect gift for that special graduate in your life. Class of 2020, rejoice, and revel in these gifts designed just for you! Send your congrats gift message along with your graduation gift, and we will ship it directly to the graduate. All gifts are certified Kosher and include gourmet sweets, treats, chocolates, and more.

Graduation Gifts

Why Do We Celebrate Graduation?

Graduation is a big milestone in life. Around the age of five, we enroll in school, and it becomes our way of life for the next at least twelve years. It is where we learn to make friends, where we make our first social memories, and where we learn what it takes to commit to hard work and dedication.

graduation marks a rite of passage in life. Whether it is preschool graduation or for your doctorate, having an education is a fundamental building block of the life you want to create for yourself.  In many ways, we mark our future success by being able to put our nose to the grindstone and show the world that we can learn anything! 

As a young person, the ceremonial part of a graduation can aid in the positive reinforcement toward the excitement of learning. Offering praise at a young age for setting goals and accomplishing growth, especially in a learning environment, can be the catalyst toward associating a positive attitude toward school in the future!

Graduation Gift Ideas

How special is the gift of having an education? Celebrating your graduate is an opportunity to show the world just how proud you are of the accomplishments made by those you care about. Often graduation is a time where you can celebrate with your loved ones, a reason to break out your Sunday best, and have a wonderful time honoring a milestone occasion.

If you have found it challenging to select just the right gift, have no fear! The Nuttery NY has an amazing selection of graduation gift ideas that are sure to help you make your graduate feel loved and honored on their special day! Here are some of our favorite selections:

  • Graduation Party Candy Gift Box With Congrats Bear - This adorable gift would not be complete without a Class of 2021 bear wearing a Nuttery NY logo t-shirt and holding a Congrats flag! It also includes a cutie size bag of Popinsanity popcorn along with jellies and assorted candies in an elegant gift box. 

  • Congrats Grad Chocolate Gift Set - We don’t know about you, but nothing says reward like chocolates. This gift set comes with a gift box of five dairy truffles all wrapped in our classic Nuttery NY signature bow. This set also includes our Class of 2021 Nuttery NY bear in our logo t-shirt along with a flag congratulating your graduate!

  • Congrats Mug Graduation Gift Set - This unique gift set comes with a Congrats Mug filled with Popinsanity popcorn and two dairy marshmallow pops. The perfect way to remind your graduate how proud you are each time they use this mug. 


Honoring a graduation is something that will be remembered for a lifetime. Acknowledging all the hard work it took to get to that graduation is something friends and family alike can join in celebrating. The Nuttery NY has perfected the gourmet gift and is honored to help you celebrate life's milestones. 


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