Get Well Gifts

Get Well Gifts

There's nothing like care and love to make a sick person better. With a touch of humor, an assortment of sweets, and lots of Get Well wishes, these Kosher gift baskets will set your patient on the road to recovery. Can't be there after surgery? Family members hit with the flu? A friend is hospitalized? Broken bone got them down? Wish the a hearty Get Well with a gift card that will include your warm wishes. All gifts are Certified Kosher, and are perfect presents for her or for him during their recuperation period.

Get Well Gift Ideas

Feeling joy can actually boost your physical health and overall well-being. The simple act of offering support and validation during a time when someone is experiencing something unpleasant can result in much-needed comfort. Sending a get-well gift can be just the thing your friend or loved one may need to brighten their day and help them direct their attention to  something unexpected and positive. 

It can be challenging to think of the exact right things to say when you want to offer a get-well wish. Here are a few ways to lift your loved ones’ spirits in the message you send to them. 

  • “Wishing you the most speedy recovery. I hope you know how loved/cared for you are.”
  • “Love, hugs, and a little surprise your way. Hope you’re feeling a little better by the end of this day.”
  • “This message serves as a personal coupon for whatever you may need. Consider your house cleaning, meal making, and household shift taking done!”
Now that we have some ideas for messages down, we have also compiled a list of get-well gifts to send to make someone’s day feel extra bright. 

Gourmet Get Well Gifts

While you can absolutely incorporate things like cleaning someone's house, offering to watch their pet or child, making a meal, or even gathering groceries, sending someone a heartfelt gift that you know will make them smile is a wonderful way to offer a  personalized touch. The Nuttery NY has a thoughtful selection of gifts for this exact occasion. Care packages are a delightful way to go the extra mile in saying you care. Here are some of our favorite gourmet get-well gifts. 

1. The Nuttery Signature Get Well Chocolate Tray - This 8 x 11 rustic tray comes packed with a delicious variety of chocolates, wrapped in our signature bow, and it would not be complete without our Get Well Bear. 

2. The Nuttery Get Well Chocolate Gift Box Care Package - Packed with love and care, this gift comes with our signature Get Well Bear and includes a five-piece dairy truffle box. 

3. The Nuttery Get Well Chocolate and Nut Care Package - This adorable package comes with our signature Get Well Bear and a rustic, sectional tray that includes toffee peanuts, oreo cookies, sweet cashews, and scrumptious chocolates. All of the chocolates are Parve. This tray is perfect for bringing smiles and snacks.


You never know when someone you care about is going to need a little extra tender love and care. What you can rest assured in knowing is that The Nuttery NY has a variety of care packages designed with your loved ones in mind! 


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