Congratulations Gifts

Congratulations Gifts

Looking to wish them Congrats on a milestone or occasion? Mark that special time with a Congratulations gift basket or gift tower that is both unique and gourmet. Filled with a wide variety of handmade chocolate confections, nuts, sweets and more, your warm congratulation wishes will be remembered long after the gourmet treats are finished. Hand tied with a ribbon, these gifts are just what you are looking for. Save yourself a trip, and have these delivered right to your recipient, along with a gift card to complete the gift. Congratulations and Mazel Tov!

Congratulations Gifts

Congratulations: Motivation Matters

Human behavior is influenced by being motivated in almost every aspect. When a person you know has achieved something they were working toward or hoping for, it is natural to want to help them celebrate. In order to maintain motivation and give someone's morale a boost, we can all appreciate how much a well-timed gift or show of support can help in achieving our goals throughout life. 

We have created a list of several milestone reasons you can send someone a congratulations gift: 

  • A big accomplishment
  • Retirement
  • Winning a sports game/tournament
  • Wedding
  • Engagement 
  • Religious rites
  • New home
  • New business
  • Promotion

Congratulation Gift Guide

Instead of having to spend time searching high and low for the perfect gift, sending a gourmet gift basket guarantees it will arrive exactly on time and be a delicious surprise to help your recipient celebrate their happiest occasions. Any achievement is the perfect time to tell someone deserving, talented, and hard-working they are. 

Success is a chance to encourage someone to look toward how their hard work will pay off in the future. A congratulatory gift for a baby, engagement, or wedding is the opportunity to show support and happiness for life’s most meaningful moments to the people that add meaning to your life. Here is our list of top suggestions for a congratulations gift!

1. The Nuttery Mega Chocolate and Nut Gift Tray in Individual Boxes - This amazing gift comes with nine lucite clear acrylic square boxes filled to the max with premium dark chocolates and sweet and salty nuts on top of a beautiful rustic wooden tray. This gift is sure to please all your friends and family.

2. The Nuttery Chocolate Nuts and Candy Party Gift Tray in Individual Boxes - This 12 x 12 rustic wooden tray comes with nine clear lucite boxes on top and is tied with our signature ribbon. Each box is filled with a delectable assortment of candy, nuts, and chocolates. 

3. Congrats Mug Graduation Gift Set - This elegant Congrats Mug comes filled with Popinsanity popcorn, two dairy marshmallow pops, and a Congrats Grad flag to show your recipient how proud you are!

4. Graduation Party Candy Gift Box With Congrats Bear This gift comes with a bear wearing a Nuttery T-shirt holding a “Congrats Grad” flag. Included, you will also find a gift box filled with assorted candies, jellies, and a cutie size of Popinsanity popcorn too!  


An affirmation of all that has been accomplished, life's milestones deserve recognition. A gift signifies to your recipient that their moments are noteworthy and deserve to be savored. Gourmet snacks, sweets, and a personalized message can go a long way in offering just the right boost of encouragement your recipient might need. It can be hard to recognize your own success but having people help you appreciate life’s precious moments will last a lifetime. 


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