Children's Gifts

Children's Gifts

Looking for a child-appropriate gift? Of course - candy! These sweet gift baskets incorporate every child's sweet dreams. Gift a child with a basket filled with gourmet sweets and treats. All gifts are certified Kosher, and can include your gift message on a personalized gift card. Sweets and treats for that special kid - or that child in all of us ;)

Children’s Gifts

If you were to ask a child if they enjoyed sweets, they would likely immediately shout, “YES!” There is no doubt that if you were to think back through your fun childhood memories, many of them would involve a sweet treat. 

If you have a special child in your life, you can almost guarantee that they would be excited to receive a personalized gift filled with their favorite sugary confections. Making the children in your life feel special is sure to make a lasting impact on the bond you have and the memories they hold dear. The Nuttery NY specializes in helping you make your loved ones feel special. 

The Best Gifts For Children

Here are a few ideas of gifts to send the children in your life. 


Gift-giving doesn’t have to be exclusive to just for a birthday or a specific time of year. The important part about giving a gift is to bring joy or comfort to someone special. You can imagine when you were a child, the excitement you felt to receive an unexpected surprise, and especially if it involved candy. 

We know how to help make your loved ones feel extra special, whether it’s visiting us in person or shipping a personalized gift, we know how to help make the people you care about feel exceptional!


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