Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts

"Happy Birthday to You..." You want to do more than sing and have a birthday cake! You're looking for that perfect gourmet gift basket that your friends and family members will remember long after their special day. Gift them a Nuttery birthday gift and you can select their birthday as the delivery date. Add a gift message and tada... You're done! These birthday gifts are all Kosher, and are filled with sweets, treats, nuts and chocolates that are as good as they look. PS - you may just want to remind them when your birthday is approaching :)

Birthday Gifts

The day you are born is the day you start your journey on this planet. As the years pass, a birthday is a day that you and your loved ones can walk down memory lane together and rediscover the beauty that is life. Your milestones matter and are an opportunity to show the ones we love how lucky we are to have them. 

A birthday
 is an opportunity to celebrate, and when we think of celebrating, it is with delicious food. The Nuttery NY specializes in gourmet baskets and trays with a variety of mouthwatering confections to choose from. Let's explore some of the amazing options and find the perfect gourmet birthday gift for your loved one!

1. The Nuttery Dairy Chocolate Turtles Truffle Pop Gift Tray- This 11x11 sectional wooden tray features our famous dairy chocolate pops as well as our Miami Beach chocolate turtles. This tray has plenty of chocolates to choose from and comes wrapped with a beautiful ribbon and packaging, ready to be sent to your celebration!

2. Nuttery Wooden Six Section Large Candy Gift Tray- This round, six-section tray is sure to delight your taste buds. A vivid rainbow of sweet treats awaits in this classic tray. All the sections come with brightly colored candy that will add a gorgeous pop of color to any celebration.

3. The Nuttery Dairy Pops, Truffles, and Bark Gift Tray- If you are looking to make a lasting impression, this tray is sure to do the trick. This 11x13 wooden tray is filled with exquisite delicacies such as our famous dairy chocolate bark, gourmet handcrafted truffles, and dairy pops.

4. Nuttery Signature Tray Classic Four Section Chocolate and Candy- This gourmet tray features four sections filled with chocolates and colorful candy for your snacking delight!

5. Gourmet Chocolate and Nuts Gift Tray Five Section- This elegant 11x11 tray holds five fantastic sections of gourmet chocolate and a variety of freshly roasted nuts. Wrapped in an elegant bow, it comes packaged and ready to serve to your guests.


Celebrating a birthday creates an opportunity each year to have something to look forward to. Whether you decide to have a small, intimate gathering or a large event with hundreds of your near and dear, a celebration can help you focus on what is really important in life. Knowing that you have a celebration coming can help boost your mood, give you and your loved ones something to plan for and look forward to, and help you to reminisce about all the milestones you have reached. 

It can be challenging to determine a gift for a birthday celebration, especially if the person already has everything they need and want. With The Nuttery, you can predetermine the delivery date, and rest assured that your gourmet basket will be filled with your recipient’s favorite candies and chocolates. It will arrive right on time and can be enjoyed by all. 


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