Bar & Bat Mitzvah Gifts

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Gifts

Mazal Tov! It's time to celebrate that Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah! Our selection of Bar & Bas Mitzvah gifts are all Certified Kosher, and contain gourmet chocolate, hand made truffles, fresh roasted nuts, halvah, pops, dried fruit and more. When displayed at a Simcha, these gift towers and gift trays are sure to make a gourmet impression. Order as a gift, and we will include a gift card at no additional cost. Additionally, we can ship these directly for you, so it's as easy as 1-2-3.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah Gifts

For Jewish girls and boys, the Bat or Bar Mitzvah ceremony is a time that marks them being recognized as an adult. The Bar Mitzvah celebration (bar referring to male/son) is celebrated at age 13. Jewish girls celebrate their Bat Mitzvah (bat referring to female/daughter) ceremony at the age of 12.  During this celebration, you can expect speeches, gifts, and food. This special occasion is most often celebrated with friends and family and is widely recognized as a meaningful and significant day in a young person’s life. 

Now that we understand a little bit more about this momentous occasion, let's dive into appropriate gifts. It is not necessary, but it can be traditional to make a charitable donation, give money, or gift Judaic items. Gift baskets can be a great option for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration and one that the entire community can partake in! You get to establish your own budget, and no matter what you decide, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. 

The Best Bar & Bat Mitzvah Gifts

We have compiled the perfect list of gourmet gift baskets appropriate for this coming of age celebration. 

1. Nuttery Signature Tray - Specialty Chocolate and Nuts- Large Size Gift Tray - This 19x16 statement tray comes wrapped in a signature bow. It’s filled with an unforgettable arrangement of Pareve chocolate and peanut butter pops, coconut bars, chocolate bark, Viennese crunch, Viennese bites, caramel chewy nut bars, hazelicious, chocolate ganache cookies, mochaccino, and sweet macadamia nuts. 

2. Tower Galore - This mega tower comes with two tiers of specialty chocolates and freshly roasted nuts. The upper tray holds a chocolate praline log filled with rich, creamy, thick chocolate, as well as chocolate bark along with rich chocolate praline and peanut butter pops.

3. Nuttery Signature Tray - Gourmet Specialty Chocolate and Halva - This lavish square 12x12 tray comes elegantly wrapped with a signature bow and contains two flavors of chocolate pops, chocolate Bark, chocolate-covered zebra Halvah slices, Viennese crunch, Viennese bites, and ganache sandwich cookies.

4. Nuttery Signature Bar Mitzvah Gift Tray with Chocolate Hat Boxes - This 8 x 11 Pareve gift tray includes: coconut caramel, Viennese bites, sweet macadamia, sweet almonds, caramel chewy nut bars, and hazelicious.


There is no doubt that the Bar/Bat Mitzvah is a deeply symbolic and happy occasion to be celebrated by friends, family, and members of the congregation. There is an enormous amount of preparation that goes into studying and preparing for this significant rite of passage. Once this preparation is complete and it is time for a formal ceremony, it is natural for a celebration to commence afterward. 

There is something extremely special about a life cycle ceremony, and we are committed to making your event memorable by offering Kosher-certified and Pareve-friendly gifts that can be enjoyed by all of your guests. 


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