Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts

Swaddled on baby pinks or baby blues, the new arrival is finally here! Gift the new Mom & Dad with a gourmet gift to welcome and congratulate them on the the baby. Our selection of gift baskets are perfectly suited for the new baby girl or baby boy! Our fully Kosher Gift line includes chocolate covered pretzels, baby carriage cookies, blue or pink jordan almonds, white sweets, It's a Boy or It's a Girl decorative chocolates, peanut chews and much, much more! Our unique gifts also contain pink or blue taffies, blue or pink drizzled chocolates, chocolate bark and sweet jelly beans. At checkout, be sure to include a gift message to Welcome Baby and wish Congrats to the New Parents. Perfect for baby showers, Kiddushim, Shalom Zachors, Brissim and Pidyon Haben occasions, too! Mazel Tov

Baby Gifts

There is no doubt that the announcement of a little one arriving is a momentous life occasion. There are many rituals and beliefs that vary around the world to celebrate the birth of a child. One thing that is for certain is that there will be some form of celebration, and at this celebration, there should be wonderful food to mark the joyous occasion. 

While some cultures mark the occasion with an intimate family event, others want to share the experience with hundreds of their closest friends and family. Whether it’s maintaining a long-held family tradition for your celebration or creating something entirely new, The Nuttery NY has some timeless gifts to help you celebrate.

The Best Baby Gifts

1. The Nuttery Baby Girl Pie and Chocolates in Individual Party Cups - This gorgeous Kosher-certified gift comes with a hand-crafted “Baby Girl” pie as the focal piece in a rustic wooden tray. It also has individually made party cups filled with assorted candy and chocolates that are sure to be a hit for your celebration. This tray is also available for a baby boy themed occasion.

2. Baby Girl Pink Wooden Five Section Tray - This gorgeous rustic style square box is filled to the rim with five delightful versions of white and pink candies along with pretzels dipped in chocolate, all wrapped in a delicate bow. This item is also available to celebrate a baby boy in a blue and white theme

3. Baby Boy Wooden Gift Tray - If you are looking for adorable, look no further. This tray features blue and white themed baby carriage cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, and an assortment of candy, all in an elegant rustic wooden tray. This item is also available for a baby girl themed occasion

4. The Nuttery Baby Boy Cookies Set of Four - If you are looking for the perfect small gift to celebrate the birth of a child, you have come to the right place. This signature box includes four delicious carriage-themed cookies to celebrate a baby boy. This item is also available for a baby girl

5. Large Gift Tray for Baby Girl, Pink Chocolate and Candy Tray - This amazing rustic wooden tray is big enough for plenty to enjoy. It is filled with chocolates for all chocolate lovers, chocolate-covered pretzels, beautiful pink and white candy to celebrate a baby girl, all wrapped in a gorgeous signature pink bow. This item is also available for a baby boy theme. 


When celebrating a joyous occasion like the birth of a child, you want to make sure you have plenty of snacks and adorable treats on hand. Whether you are looking for the perfect baby carriage cookies, chocolate-covered treats, or candy to coordinate with your theme, The Nuttery NY is sure to wow your guests with timeless gifts. 


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