Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Gifts

What better way to commemorate a wedding anniversary than with a Nuttery gourmet gift? Mark off the years together with a gift basket detailed with roses, flowers and luscious truffle chocolates. Say Happy Anniversary with a gift she won't forget (and may possibly even share a chocolate with you). A unique idea for her or for him. A great one-of-a-kind gift. All gifts are Certified Kosher.

Anniversary Gifts

Why Do We Celebrate Anniversaries? 

When most people think of an anniversary, they think of a wedding anniversary. But anniversaries don’t always have to be for just a wedding. Events and dates give meaning to the intimate moments of our lives. Often during the time an anniversary comes up, it is a time that we can reflect and look back over milestones, accomplishments we have made, and events that may have been transformative in our lives. 

For couples, an anniversary can be a time you can look back on the past and recall memorable moments. It is also a time where you can look toward the planning of what is yet to come in the future. Love is a great reason to celebrate an anniversary, but we have come up with a list of several other meaningful dates you can also celebrate:

  • Work anniversary or anniversary of your retirement.
  • Anniversary of the day you moved into your first home.
  • The anniversary of your first date/meeting your significant other.
  • The date you renewed your wedding vows.
  • High school graduation anniversary (10-year milestone, 20-year milestone).

Gourmet Anniversary Gifts

Having a fixed number of meaningful dates to celebrate can add a spark to our lives and give us something to look forward to. No matter which occasion you choose to celebrate, a gift offering is always a wonderful way to commemorate the day. Here are some lovely ideas to help you celebrate all of the moments that add meaning to your life. 

1. Nuttery Chocolate and Nuts Sectional Tray - Anniversary Gift - This 11 x 11 rustic wooden tray is wrapped in an elegant anniversary ribbon and contains enough variety for everyone. All chocolates are non-dairy Pareve. Included, you will find a chocolate flower, crispies, coconut caramel, kava crunch, geshmak, a two-tone roll, ganache cookies, almond patties, and sweet pecans.

2. Nuttery Chocolate-Filled Cylinder - Anniversary Gift - This lucite cylinder comes wrapped with a chocolate rose and Happy Anniversary ribbon. All chocolates are Pareve. This cylinder contains a chocolate flower, Viennese crunch, jelly rings, moccachino, and ganache cookies. 

3. Nuttery Signature Chocolate Box - Miami Beach Milk Chocolates - 36 Pieces - This signature box of chocolates comes wrapped in a classic vintage ribbon and includes 36 pieces of high-quality handcrafted chocolate.

5. The Nuttery Bride and Groom Chocolate Pops - These adorable wedding-themed chocolate pops are sure to be a hit for an anniversary gift or wedding vow renewal. This gift includes a set of four wedding-themed chocolate pops.

6. Candy Filled Heart Gift Box - This heart-shaped box is wrapped with love in a signature bow and filled to the rim with assorted jelly beans and chocolate truffles. 


When in doubt while choosing a gift for an anniversary, choose a gift that will be memorable and show how much you care. The Nuttery NY is constantly looking for ways to be innovative and keep your recipients filled with joy and excitement. 


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