Tu B'shvat

Tu B'shvat

This Tu B'shvat, treat your family and friends to a beautiful Yom Tov arrangement filled with dried fruits and nuts. Tu BiShvat 2022 will begin in the evening of Sunday, January 16 and ends in the evening of Monday, January 17.

What Is Tu B’Shevat?

In the Hebrew month of Shevat, the 15th day is reserved to celebrate The New Year for Trees, also known as Tu B’Shevat. This Jewish holiday is not only a time where extending knowledge and growing your spiritual “roots” in the Torah is encouraged, but also recognized as a time to focus attention on one's own spiritual roots and growth. Tu B’Shevat is a holiday spent in reflection of all that has been overcome, evaluating responsibilities, and cherishing new beginnings. 

It is believed that our good deeds, which are beneficial to the world, are symbolic of fruits that come from the trees that are also beneficial to the world. Traditional observances on this day would be to celebrate with friends and family and partake in fruits that are famous in Israel, such as pomegranates, olives, figs, grapes, and dates. We have created some awesome gift ideas to share with friends and family, along with some ideas of how to celebrate Tu B’Shevat! 

Tu B’Shevat Gift Ideas

Having family and friends over for your Tu B’Shevat celebration is a great way to feel connected to those you care about most. It is customary to eat fruit dishes and cheese plates and offer a blessing during your celebration. Here is a list of the perfect gifts for your celebration!

1. Tu B'Shevat Gift: Round Dried Fruit Tray - This Kosher certified 12-inch gift tray includes dried pineapple chips, kiwis, pears, chocolate dipped apricots, plums, and cranberries. It’s perfect for snacking and sharing at your celebration. 

2. Tu B’Shevat Gift - Fruit and Specialty Chocolate on Teak Gift Board - This amazing reusable 20 x9 teak board includes: dried kiwi, pineapple cordials, peaches, pears, chocolate-dipped orange slices, chocolate-dipped pineapple rings, chocolate-dipped apricot, dried fruit cigars, and mini chocolate truffles.

3. The Nuttery Tu B’Shevat Floral Dried Fruit and Nuts Tray Square - This 12” reusable square tray comes wrapped in our signature ribbon and is the perfect combination of sweet and salty snacking options. Large enough for all to share, you can expect dried kiwi, natural dried pineapple, dried pears, dried peaches, craisins, flavored pineapple core slices, glazed macadamias, glazed cashews, salted almonds, and salted cashews in this gorgeous arrangement. 


Celebrating Tu B’Shevat can be as personalized as you choose. 

The Nuttery NY has some wonderful gift ideas when it comes to Tu B’Shevat. Whether you are having a celebration with friends and family or sending it to them from afar, we know just the way to their heart. Here are some suggestions on how you can celebrate alone or with friends! 

  • Plant a tree
  • Volunteer your time preserving the environment 
  • Plan a trip to visit and appreciate nature
  • Cook for friends and family, showing appreciation for the fruits and food you enjoy together.


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