New Years Gifts

New Years Gifts

Drop the ball - New Year's eve 2020 is here, and we have gifts for this special occasion. Celebrate with our selection of gourmet gifts. All of our gifts are Kosher, so everyone can be comfortable receiving your gift. Ring in the New Year -Cheers!

New Year’s Gifts

Popular Traditions for the New Year

The coming of the New Year is a celebration of the opportunity to have been with friends and loved ones another year. There are many popular traditions celebrating the momentous occasion each year. In many cultures, the consumption of food in the shape of a circle indicates the closure of the full circle of the year. In some countries, in order to have a year filled with luck, it is customary to jump off of a chair to indicate jumping into a lucky new year

Fireworks have been rumored to ward off evil spirits for the New Year. In the United States, the ball dropping in Times Square is one of the most recognizable traditions each year. It marks the counting down of the last minutes of the year and celebration of the hopes of the New Year to come. 

Gift-giving during the New Year is a gesture to bring luck to the people in your life, to wish good fortune, and even to show appreciation for the dear place they hold in our lives throughout the year. A gift basket can be the perfect way to start your New Year, wishing friends and family luck, wealth, health, and a year filled with happiness.

The Best New Year’s Gifts

There are many people you may be thinking of sending a gift for the New Year to, and you want to be sure you offer a gift with something anyone will enjoy. Gift baskets are a customizable way to show you care and can be filled with an assortment of gourmet snacks and chocolates to fit any occasion. Here are our three favorite gift baskets for your New Year wishes:

1. The Nuttery Custom Corporate NEW Two Layer Turnable Gift Box - This customizable corporate gift box is ready to be filled with all of your favorite gourmet snack selections. Perfect for a corporate gift, you can add a logo and a message of good wishes to accompany your gift. 

2. Classic Gift Box with Chocolate Covered Oreos - This beautiful signature cylinder is filled with seven chocolate-covered Oreos. All chocolate is Pareve and can be customized with a logo. 

3. Holiday Custom Corporate NEW Nine Section Gift Box - This elegant nine-section gift box comes with a custom company logo cookie, crispies, butter softies, raspberry fruit, Hazelnut cigars, sweet peanuts, salted almonds, salted cashews, and BBQ pistachio nuts. 


Rituals of good luck, fireworks to ward off evil, resolutions to start your New Year are all traditions that we have come to know and love. Sending a gift can strengthen the relationships you already have and the ones you want to foster in the future. It is a beautiful way to wish all you know prosperity, happiness, good health, and any other personalized wish of your choosing to make sure their New Year is off to a great start. 


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