Hanukkah Gifts

Hanukkah Gifts

Enough Hanukkah gifts to last 8 days! This Chanukah, treat your loved ones to an unparalleled gift filled with gourmet Kosher chocolates, nuts, draidls, chocolate coins and more! We have pies decorated with Chanukah motif accents, draidel and menorah cookie sets, a donut smash cake, and more Hanukkah themed novelties. A unique gift idea for everyone this Hanukkah. Hanukkah 2021 (25 Kislev) will begin in the evening of Sunday, November 28 and ends in the evening of Monday, December 6. Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah Gifts

How Is Hanukkah Celebrated?

Lasting eight days and nights, Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that is celebrated with gifts, traditional food, games, lighting of the menorah, and, of course, gift-giving. This holiday is often thought of as a time to purify your mind and actions and recommit to better thoughts and behavior in the future.  Hanukkah is also a time for song, prayers, and being thankful for the many blessings in life. 

Traditional food includes pancakes made from potatoes called latkes and donuts with jam placed inside called sufganiyot. A game called dreidel is often played for a pot of either coins made from chocolate or nuts, candy, dried fruits, or similar treats. Gift baskets can be sent to surprise your friends and loved ones for Hanukkah this year!

Hanukkah Gift Ideas

If you are looking for Hanukkah gifts to surprise your friends and family with, you have come to the right place. Let’s discuss our top three gifts to send:

1. The Nuttery Seigelman's Dessert - Set of Four Caramel Ramekins - This set of four caramel dessert ramekins comes packaged in a clear box and wrapped with our signature ribbon. Each dessert comes topped with a white chocolate menorah.

2. The Nuttery Seigelman's Dessert - Set of Four Strawberry Ramekins - This gorgeous gift comes in a clear box wrapped with our signature ribbon. It contains four strawberry-flavored dessert ramekins topped with an edible white chocolate menorah. 

3. Nuttery Holiday Chocolate Gift Box - Five Piece - This elegant gift box features our signature ribbon and includes five pieces of delicious dairy truffles. 

When it comes to gift-giving, there is no wrong way to craft a heartfelt message and to show the people that mean the most how appreciated they are. We love the element of surprise when we are selecting gifts. We also love that during holidays there is typically a need for a little something sweet and that this gift meets that need as well. 


Giving a gift can be anything you choose it to be. It is the thought behind the gift-giving, especially during a holiday, that matters. What we do know is that you can never go wrong with food and a special message. Here are some additional ways you can celebrate the Festival of Lights with your family and friends:

  • Create a family game night tradition.
  • Perform acts of charity as a family or donate to charity.
  • Set aside a night to talk about your year in review. Discuss your highs and lows and what you want to do better moving forward.
  • Cook a traditional meal and deliver it to a family in need.
  • During a meal, make a point for every person to mention something they are thankful for.


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