Gift Trays

Gift trays open your options to a variety of tastes, textures and colors. Our signature trays combine the best of gourmet, kosher and aesthetics. Grab a tray or fill your own. Look for options such as truffles, salted nuts, handmade chocolates, pops, bark in a variety of flavors, candies, glazed nuts, specialty chocolates, logs, party cups, halvah, and so much more. A Kosher gift tray expresses yourself perfectly, whether to join in a celebration, sympathy or just because.

The Best Gourmet Gift Trays

Why Gift Trays Are a Thoughtful Gift 

Finding the perfect gift to give time and again can feel overwhelming. Trying to avoid getting someone something they already have, don’t like, or simply will not use can cause quite a bit of anxiety. For many occasions that we celebrate, some form of food and beverage isincluded in the celebration. On New Year’s, we have sparkling wine, baby showers are filled with sweets and fun confections, and who can forget birthday cake or cake pops on that special day of the year?

A gift tray is a gift that keeps on giving. Gift trays offer all the lovely gourmet items the first time around, but they can also be repurposed in so many creative ways. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • You can turn the tray into a menu board by adding chalk paint.
  • It can be used as a tray to hold legos or other activities for a child on a plane/road trip.
  • It can be used as a display case for jewelry or a place to hold items such as keys and wallets.

Guide to the Best Gourmet Gift Tray Selections

We love food, and we love any occasion to celebrate and give the gift of great food. We are constantly on the lookout for a place that offers all of our favorites and can be a go-to for any celebration without hesitation. The Nuttery NY has you covered every single time. Specializing in Kosher-certified food selections, we offer quality and delicious food that meets a strict standard without compromising taste. Here are some of our favorite gift tray selections:

1. Nuttery Signature Tray - Specialty Chocolate and Nuts- Large Size Gift Tray - This extra large 19 x 16 signature tray comes filled with gourmet specialty chocolates, including chocolate and peanut butter pops, chocolate bark, ganache cookies, Viennese crunch, Viennese bites, coconut bars, caramel chewy nut bars, hazelicious, mochaccino and sweet macadamia nuts. All chocolates are Pareve (Non-Dairy).

2. Nuttery Signature Tray - Chocolate and Nuts - Large size Gift Tray - This gorgeous rustic tray includes an arrangement of Eight types of sweet and salty nuts, two flavors of chocolate bark, Viennese crunch, two-tone chocolate roll, coconut bars, and caramel chewy nut bars. All chocolates are Pareve (Non-Dairy).

3. Gourmet Chocolate & Nut Gift Tray with Individual Party Cups- Large Size Tray - For your snacking delight, this signature tray includes an assortment of perfectly roasted salted and sweet nuts, as well as delicious dark chocolate, all on display in individual party cups.  All chocolates are non-dairy Pareve, and the nut selection includes cashew patties, caramel brittle, halva squares, crispies, mocchachino, almonds, sweet pecans, sweet cashews, and toffee peanuts.


The next time you are on the hunt for the perfect gift, no need to stress yourself out. A gift tray is both thoughtful and purposeful and includes a customizable, delicious selection for all of your celebratory needs! 


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