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Get Well Gift Ideas That Will Bring a Smile to Their Face

Get Well Gift Ideas That Will Bring a Smile to Their Face
By Alexander Mathis 23 days ago 66 Views No comments

No matter what someone may be going through, giving a thoughtful gift that is meant to help them along is a priceless way to show them just how much you care.

Gourmet gifts specifically are always a sweet idea, as they can bring someone joy with even just the first few bites. We’re here with some perfect get well gifts for any situation.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make someone feel extra special while they’re going through a tough time.

Give Them Something Delicious

The Whole Care Package

When looking for a gift to help lift someone’s spirits, there’s nothing more thoughtful and delicious than The Nuttery’s Mega Care Package.
The Mega Care Package comes with multiple options so that it can be customized to each person’s likes and dislikes, and can be made either dairy or parve. You’ll get the choice between a huge, tasty peanut chew star (which is parve) or gourmet dairy chocolate truffles. Each care package also includes a large bag of freshly popped Nuttery popcorn, salted sunflower seeds, six different sections of chocolates and candies, and separate cylinders each filled with a variety of nuts. And, since everyone knows that nuts are full of protein and protein can help you heal, the Mega Care Package is sure to make them feel better both physically and mentally. You’ll be the hero of the day as soon as they see you walking through the door with that enormous box!

A Little More Playful… Just What the Doctor Ordered

If the person you’re buying a get well gift for is younger, or if you just want to add a humorous twist to the get well gift giving, try the Daily Dose of Candy! The Daily Dose of Candy is designed to look just like a medicine pill box. Each day of the week is its own separate slot for candy, Sunday through Saturday. It’s a hilarious way to say “get well soon.” Kids, and those with a fun sense of humor, will find it especially funny. After all, they always say that laughter is the best medicine, after all!

For the Candy Lovers

And finally, for a get well gift that your giftee can either hoard to themselves or choose to share with others, consider the 6 section candy tray! It’s perfect for those who prefer candy over chocolate, as it is jam packed with it! Each of the tray’s six, big sections are filled to the brim with a selection of rainbow colored delights. There’s something for everyone, whether they share or not (and hopefully they will!). The 6 section candy tray is not only tasty and fun, giving a big, candy flavored mood boost to any ailing loved one, it’s also an incredibly affordable option!

Give Them Something Cosy

No matter where you’re ailing, whether it’s at home curled up in bed or in the hospital after having surgery, gifts that make you feel extra safe and cozy are always appreciated. To help your loved one feel just a little bit better while they’re healing up, here is a list of some of the coziest gifts you can buy that will help them no matter where they’re at.


Warm, fluffy blankets are always great when someone doesn’t feel good. It works like a literal security blanket, letting them cover up all of their aches and pains with a single, cozy covering. They’re excellent because they are transportable too, so your sick patient can bring them anywhere they need help to feel more comfortable. They also make excellent “sick couches,” where they can take up residence on the couch when they’re not feeling well, tucked into a warm blanket with the TV remote and their medication at the ready. It’s the ultimate feel better situation. If you’re extra crafty, consider making one yourself! Putting extra love in it with your own handiwork will make them feel even more special.


Robes are also a great get well gift option for many of the same reasons that blankets are.

They’re wearable, cozy comfort anywhere you need it, a sense of security you can wrap yourself up in when you’re feeling sick, scared, or even just tired. While warm, thick robes are usually the best option for someone who isn’t feeling well, there are also cotton and silky robes if you feel like that would be a better option. Sometimes the last thing you want when you have a fever is something warm and heavy to wear! But warm, comfortable gifts for people who aren’t feeling well is like giving them a hug (from a safe distance, of course!).


One last cozy gift option are fuzzy slippers. While they don’t have the same overall sense of comfort that a robe or a blanket does, they’re much easier to travel with. Think of slippers as a fluffy blanket for the feet. They come in so many different patterns, sizes, and materials that there is a pair out there for anyone who might need a little pick me up. You can even put them in with a get well care package, and keep both their toes and their hearts warm.

Give Them Something to Pass the Time

Take a moment to think about your ailing loved one. What do they like to do in their free time? Recuperating from any injury or illness usually requires a significant amount of time stuck in bed and inside the house. They’re probably really missing all of the things they used to be able to do before they got sick! Most people feel incredibly stir crazy when they’re going through an illness. Helping them pass the time is a great way of showing how much you care.

Any Old Thing to Make the Clock Tick Faster

Start by looking for tabletop versions of their favorite hobbies, or other fun alternatives that they can do from their bed or the couch. Crossword puzzles, drawing paper, or just a pen and a paper so they can write are good options. Arts and crafts kits are also a great idea, and they can be catered to any age level or interest (think knitting, cross-stitching, whittling, etc). A newer trend that’s perfect in this context is an adult coloring book and some crayons or colored pencils. Even adults will enjoy the relaxation that comes with absentmindedly coloring inside the lines, and they come in many fun varieties and interest niches (they even make an “adult” coloring book with swear words if that’s their thing!). It may even help take their mind off the fact that they are sick for a little bit, and isn’t that the ultimate goal?

Never Too Old (or Too Sick) to Game

If they like to play video games, consider lending them your handheld game console for a little while. That way, they can play their favorite games without having to leave their room or the couch. It will provide them with hours of entertainment right in the palm of their hands, and you’ll get extra points for being willing to part with your system for a little while in an effort to help them feel better.Don’t forget a diverse selection of game choices. It’s a win/win!

Give Them a Care Package

One last way to show someone you care when they’re not feeling good is to give them a personalized care package. No matter what type of illness they’re facing, when you put together a care package, it will help make their sailing back into wellness just a little bit smoother.Care packages can come in a variety of different forms, and can be as big or small as you want them to be! To put together a care package, start with thinking about the person you’re putting it together for. You can use that information to figure out the base of your care package - a basket, a tote, or even a wooden crate. You can decorate it with all of the colors they like, and cover it with ribbons or stickers.

After you know what you’ll be putting things in, think about how you want to fill it up. What type of illness are they suffering through? If it’s the common cold, put together a care package filled with tissues, cold medicines, and lip balm. If they have the flu, consider some nausea medication, electrolyte drinks, and crackers. For a general care package, bath bombs or salts, lotions, and vitamin C tablets are great. No matter what the illness is that they’re suffering through, you should also include thoughtful items that are special to them, like their favorite candy or chocolate. Our 4 section chocolate gift tray is a great option - it’s filled with delicious jelly rings (covered in creamy dark chocolate), both white and dark truffles, and nut toppings. It fits neatly in any size care package, and it’s an inexpensive yet gourmet way of saying that you hope they feel better soon. You should also include their favorite book or magazine, and other little items (like comfy socks) that let them know how much you care. Top it off with a sweet, handwritten note and it’ll make anyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

With any gift, it’s the thought that counts, and the fact that you’re thinking of them when they need it the most will mean a lot in and of itself! Whichever gift you choose, just make sure it has some love behind it, and you’ll be good to go!