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7 Winter Date Ideas: Affordable And Cozy

7 Winter Date Ideas: Affordable And Cozy
By Alexander Mathis 2 months ago 265 Views No comments

No matter what part of the country you’re in, whether it snows a couple of feet or just drops a few degrees around December, winter dates are a cozy way to spend time with the person you care about. You're already spending enough money this holiday season, so here are the best winter date ideas that are a perfect way to cozy up and spend time with that special somene (while staying in-budget).

Enjoy A Cozy Movie Night In

Who needs to go out and spend $60 on a date night when you just stay in and get extra cozy? Nothing beats watching your favorite movies together with some delicious comfort snacks like chocolates and other sweets. Pick out a few of your favorite movies, find all the comfy blankets in the house, maybe grab a few pillows, and set up the ultimate viewing spot to cuddle up and enjoy each other’s warmth.

Sweets are the perfect movie snack next to popcorn, and here are a few of our favorites:

  • Our chocolate boxes have the perfect assortment of rich and velvety chocolate truffles inside, with an assortment of all kinds of decedent fillings and toppings. They also come in packs of 36, 16, or 9, which makes them perfect for sharing.
  • In more of a savory mood? Well, popcorn isn’t your only option! Consider one of our assorted nut trays, offering four options for you and your special someone. THese handpicked nuts are roasted to perfection or covered in a decadent sugar glaze.
  • There is no better way to start off date night than a sweet gift to show them how much you care. Take your night-in to the next level by surprising that special somebody with one of our classic care packages. With an assortment of popcorn, gourmet chocolates, and nuts, this will for sure be a hit!
  • Not a huge chocolate or nut couple? No worries, our 5 section candy tray would be perfect for you! Mike and Ikes, filled licorice and swiss petite fruits paired with chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect combos for all you candy lovers!

Go Ice Skating

This idea is a classic, and even the most uncoordinated can still have a good time! Indoor or outdoor, there are tons of possibilities. There is always a way to make date night a bit more romantic, so do some research, try and find an ice skating rink that is a little more secluded, making the date that much more special and intimate. Ice skating under romantic lighting while sipping on some warm hot cocoa will be the coziest of winter dates!

A little surprise next hurt anybody, end this date on an extra special note. Add a little bonus present at the end of the night. A surprise gift pair with sweet card and romantic handwritten note is the perfect way to end a romantic night on the rink.

Have A Game Night

Whether your thing is board games, video games, or even the classics like chess, a game night is always fun, especially with games that can be enjoyed with just two players like Life, Guess Who, and the endless co-op campaigns waiting for player 2 to hit start.

Everyone knows the best game nights start with the sweets and treats you get to enjoy. Don’t forget to have snacks ready for your cozy date night— this variety tray is one of our favorites because of its variety!

With a little something for everyone, this is the perfect option for entertaining. With three types of glazed nuts, chocolate covered pretzels, coconuts bars, two-tone rolls, and caramel chewy nut bars, you definitely won’t run into the problem of someone not finding at least one of their favorite sweet treats.

We have options for you nut-loving people as well. Consisting mostly of our handpicked nuts and popcorn that is perfectly popped and seasoned, this care package does have some gourmet chocolates just in case you decide you need some sweets after all.

Our metal tins are perfect and easy for any type of entertaining as well.

FYI: If you celebrate Christmas, there are a ton of Christmas themed games that are perfect for a cozy winter night!

Go To A Museum Together

Even if art isn’t your thing, there’s a museum out there for everyone. You’d be surprised what kind of local museum you might have. Plus, you get a bonus little mini road trip if you have to take a drive to get there. After a long day of walking, take advantage of the area around the museum, and try a new restaurant or bar. You drove all that way, might as well turn your day date into a date night too!

Staying-in is always a great option, but sometimes going out on the town or taking a little day trip makes date night feel extra romantic. Remember, just because you’re not staying in doesn’t mean you have to break the bank either; a casual dinner and tickets to a smaller/local museum is the perfect option for an affordable date night.

Pro tip: Don't forget to pack some quick and easy snacks to munch on during that car ride!
Chocolate-covered espresso beans
, peanuts, or popcorn are delicious on the go snack. Were you thinking of something a little sweeter? Consider our handmade chocolate covered Oreos. Start a date off with these, and it’s bound to be a good one!

Put Up Holiday Decorations Together

There’s just something special about the holidays. No matter what holiday you actually celebrate, take time to decorate together. The best date nights are usually the ones that take no real thought or effort. Just quality time and some good laughs shared.

Yes, the tree will be the focal point of this date night, but the tree and other decorations are just the start. Holiday decorating can mean decorating anything. A gingerbread house is always a fun date idea. It makes it especially easy when you can purchase them all-ready baked. Now the fun part (decorating) is up to the both of you!

Need to wind down after a long night of decorating? Throw on a movie and cozy up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa or wine and your favorite sweet treat or snack! Before calling in a night, why not give that special someone a little gift to show them how thankful you are to have them in your life?

There is no better feeling than receiving a special present you weren't expecting. Our thank you gifts are a sweet way to show your appreciation. The options are endless, so there is no doubt you will find the perfect combination for that perfect person. Peppermint bark

always gives you all those winter feels, leaving you feeling extra cozy inside.

Attend A Tree Lighting Ceremony

Not only is this a great opportunity to snag a classic cute photo together, but there are usually other activities at these ceremonies, too, like games, snack stands, and food trucks. Everybody wants a teddy bear(or two) won for them!

What better way to spend a night with your significant other than enjoying some quality time together without spending a fortune on an expensive dinner or date? A tree-lighting ceremony is a great way to kick off the holiday season! After that, it’s time to get serious about tackling your holiday shopping list!

Have An Indoor Picnic

Load up that picnic basket and prepare for a romantic picnic--right on the floor of your kitchen or living room. This works even better with a fireplace and a bottle of good wine. Don’t forget a little truffle box for dessert! Wine, chocolate, and your favorite person, does it get any better than that? Our truffle boxes are rich and decadent and will arrive in a gorgeous The Nuttery signature box—the perfect way to elevate any casual night in.

Who said heart-shaped chocolates are just for Valentines’ day? Make this date night extra romantic by having a gorgeous heart-shaped gourmet chocolate arrangement to munch on.

In Conclusion

The winter season is the perfect excuse to go on all those cute and cozy dates, but nobody said you have to go broke doing it. However you end up spending your date night, all that matters is that you’re spending it together.

Whether it’s a cozy romantic night-in or a visit to the museum or ice rink, all these options are perfect ways to cozy up and enjoy each other’s company.