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12 Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing

12 Gifts for the Woman Who Wants Nothing
By Alexander Mathis 2 months ago 226 Views No comments

Everyone knows that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving. However, when purchasing a gift for that special woman in your life who states she wants nothing but time and attention, it can be tough to even get that far. To help, we’ve come up with a list of 10 gift ideas that are sure to light up her face and show her just how much you love and care about her. Turns out she may not have wanted you to get her “nothing” after all!

If She Has a Sweet Tooth...

As far as gift giving goes, there’s nothing that is more classically thoughtful than giving sweets to the sweetest woman you know. Whether she is your partner, your mother, your sister, or just a friend… everyone loves sweets!

The Chocolate & Candy Filled Heart Box

When talking about classic gift options, we thought we’d start with the most classic of all… a heart shaped box filled with chocolates! This beautiful box is not only heart shaped on the outside, it is filled with a variety of heart shaped chocolates and candies on the inside. Nothing says “I love you” and “You’re important to me” like chocolate and hearts.

Novelty Gift Cards

No matter who that special woman in your life is, everyone loves a heartfelt card. That’s what makes these novelty gift cards so amazing… they’re inexpensive while also being incredibly thoughtful with room for customization. With options like gummy hearts (“You’re the Sweetest”), chocolate (“A Little Chocolate Never Hurt Anyone”), and nuts (“Nuts About You”), there is something for everyone. These cards are perfect, no matter the occasion, as well as tasty!


Truffles are a delicious and classic gift option that are appreciated no matter why you give them. There’s no better way to say that you think they’re amazing than to prove it with a candy that is just as sweet as they are. Our truffle boxes can be purchased as a 9-piece truffle box, a 16-piece truffle box, or a 36-piece truffle box. Each box comes with a variety of delicious, handmade creamy milk truffle chocolates. Every truffle is Certified Kosher for dairy, and each box is classily wrapped with a vintage velvet ribbon. She’ll love sampling each delicious chocolate surprise, and will feel incredibly pampered while doing it!

If She Needs a Little “Me Time”..

Now more than ever, women seem to be incredibly busy balancing the demands of work, family, and self-care. That doesn’t mean they should sacrifice their own private time though, and you can help them out with these special gift options for the woman who just needs a little “me time.”


For the busy woman on the go, pops make the perfect gift idea. They’re all the fun of chocolate in a compact carrying case, easy to eat on the go. Each pop is handmade and tastes just as good as they look. They are filled with rich chocolate and hand decorated with a variety of toppings. Pops are available in multiple options - 4 piece boxes with chocolate praline and peanut butter, 6 piece boxes with all chocolate, and even a box of 4 chocolate cheese pops!

Self-Care Gift Baskets

Make it easier for your loved one to practice good self-care by putting them together a self-care gift basket. Give them the gift of time to themselves with items like a mani/pedi kit, luxurious bath soaps, bombs, and bubble baths, and some sweets that they can indulge in while they’re enjoying their “me” time (like a 9 piece box of Miami Beach milk chocolates!). Then, take the kids out of the house so she can really enjoy her time without having to be mom for just a minute.

If She’s a Health Nut...

With so many new fitness and wellness trends out there, it can feel overwhelming to know just what to buy that health nut in your life. However, if you pay even a little attention to her social media posts, what she eats, and how she exercises, it’s not quite as hard as you think!

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers make a great gift for any health nut. With options from the inexpensive to the feature-filled, fitness trackers come in an option for everyone! They also come in a huge variety of different patterns and colors, so you can find the right gift for her unique personality. Insider tip - choosing one that can track both sleep and heart rate will definitely be a hit.

Free Weights

Especially now that we’re stuck in the house a lot more, free weights make an excellent gift for the woman in your life who wants to stay fit without having to go out. There are plenty of weight options, and making her her own weight room will win you extra points. Stock up not only with free weights, but also resistance bands and medicine balls so she can have that well-rounded workout she’s likely been missing out on at the gym.

If It’s For Mom...

Most moms will say they don’t want anything if you ask them, it’s almost in their DNA. No matter how much she insists that she doesn’t want anything, it’s almost guaranteed that she will always love a gift that reminds her of your special mother-child bond. To a mom, you’ll always be their baby.

Personalized Gifts

Moms love gifts with sentimental value more than nearly anything else. Personalized gifts provide that heartwarming reaction (and maybe a few tears) that any gift giver is hoping for. Personalized photo gifts like a pillow or mug with your faces on it, or a frame with a special picture of the two of you that she can use every day is sure to make her day. She’ll love being surrounded by a reminder of your love for her every day, no matter how old you are.

If She Loves to Wine and Dine...

No matter where you live, there is likely a wine trail out there waiting for you. Over the years, small wineries have started popping up everywhere, which makes it much easier to find a gift for that wine lover in your life while also supporting local businesses.

A Wine Tasting Trip

Wine tasting trips are a great way to reward the wine lover in your life with an experience they’ll cherish. Plan an itinerary that will take you through local wineries, or, if you’re not in the same area as your loved one, send her the itinerary along with a few gift cards to each place! She’ll love it, and can also take home a reminder of the trip to drink later.

If She’s a Book Lover...

We’re definitely living in a golden age of technology, which also means it’s a golden age of gift giving for the book lover you’re buying for! Whether digital, hard cover, or soft cover, there is a literary gift for any woman you’re buying for.

Book Subscriptions

Now that the internet has created so many opportunities for surprising your favorite book lover, gift options have expanded exponentially. Consider an audio book or e-book subscription, or even a book of the month club paid ahead for the year. You can even find some of those previously hard-to-find books much more easily, so you really have the potential to wow her.

If She’s Adventurous...

Adventurous women can be some of the toughest to buy for! They’ve done it all, and nothing seems to surprise them. We hope to change all that with our gift idea for the thrill seeker in your life.

A New Experience

Whether that is skydiving, kayaking, white water rafting, or a new class she hasn’t tried yet (like stand up paddleboarding, or SUP), thrill that special woman with the gift of a brand new, adrenaline pumping experience. How adventurous you choose to go is up to you! If you want to really up the ante, promise to do it with her.

If She Loves Being Cosy...

For the woman in your life that seems to always be wrapped in her favorite sweater or wearing her coziest slippers, going out for her special occasion may not be what she wants. The good news is, we’ve come up with the perfect idea for that lady who values being cozy in your life.

A Night In

Sometimes a well-planned night in is one of the best gifts, especially with a partner. Order her favorite food, let her pick out a movie (even if that means you have to stomach a corny rom-com), and present her with a selection of delectable sweets, like these milk chocolate covered oreos or these dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Then, cuddle up together on the couch under a warm blanket, hit play, and enjoy your night!


We hope these ideas hit every possible scenario on your list! If we missed one, the good news is that a sweet treat from The Nuttery is almost never the wrong answer, so browse through our collection of holiday confections to our novelty gift ideas--you’re sure to find something for that special woman (or even for yourself along the way!). Good luck!